About Good Dog Training Center 
Good Dog Training Center offers private lessons and group lessons in basic dog obedience as well as puppy orientation class. Our trainer works one-on-one with clients for such things as behavior modification, problem-solving, and advanced obedience.

Good Dog Training Center strives to give your puppy or dog individualized attention. We limit our puppy classes and dog classes to no more than five to ensure that your pet is receiving our full attention. You are not just another name at Good Dog Training Center.

Overview of Good Dog Training Center

       Dog obedience classes are for those pets 6 months through 7 years old.

       Private basic obedience  is also offered, where we come to your house and give one-on-one  

       We address any behavioral problem your dog may be experiencing.

       Visit our Programs section for additional information.

Mission Statement

"I am a practical obedience instructor promoting humane education, responsible pet care, and positive, motivational dog training. While I wish that all dogs and cats could find loving homes, I know that's not always possible. But we can mobilize our responsible animal-care giving community members to aid and educate, so that the number of unwanted dogs and cats drops considerably. I like to think I speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We need to actively and generously give to our local humane shelters and volunteer time at our municipal shelters. I am dedicating my life to the pursuit of better relationships between those loyal companions - dogs - and their human owners. Clients have referred to me as the original Dog Whisperer" 
- Diane Sullivan

Let's have fun, shall we?

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