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Good Dog Training Center & Doggie Resort
Meet Diane Sullivan: Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Good Dog Training Center's owner, CPDT Diane Sullivan, has been 
working with dogs since 1990. Diane and her husband, Tom, started 
Good Dog Training Center in September 1997. Diane is a member 
of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and is 
devoted to helping dogs and their people. Diane believes that dog 
training can, and should, be a fun experience for all parties involved. 
Clients have referred to Diane as "the original Dog Whisperer." 
"I want everyone to experience the joys of owning a Good Dog!"

"Most people might remember the old method of dog training, which was often a little harsh, and some may even say cruel. I do not believe in harming a dog to train them to behave and live among the family. If you want me to train your pup, I can do that, but my specialty is working with owners so they, too, will learn to read the language of their dogs. I know fine and capable trainers who will take your dog for you, train them for obedience, protection, etc., then give them back to you and show you how your dog will perform those commands. I get so much more from having the owner see the wonderful progression and go through the learning process with their companions."

Diane attends a main APDT conference once a year, and goes to many seminars to stay current in her field. She volunteers with the Animal Services Department of Albuquerque at the Eastside and Westside facilities. Diane is available to meet prospective adopters at those locations to help pick out or temperament test a dog or pup to make sure it is the right fit for you and your family. Usually a charge of $25 to ensure peace of mind is all she asks for this service. The fee is refunded if you take one of her classes or private sessions.

Good Dog Training Center is of the firm belief that the sales of puppies from pet stores should be eliminated. This practice only promotes the continuation of puppy mill breeders who are only in it for the money, do not care about the health or well-being of either the parents or the litters, and who raise these pups in deplorable conditions. While it is rare to acquire a sound animal from these pet stores, more often than not the unsuspecting owner will find nothing but heartache. Please adopt from your local shelters.

Diane is also a seasoned Canine Good Citizen evaluator, who gives the American Kennel 
Club (AKC)sponsored test several times a year. This is a marvelous way to promote 
responsible dog ownership while showing off your dog's good manners. It's a simple 
test consisting of 10 short exercises that the handler and dog must perform. The dog/
handler team must pass all 10 to get AKC certified, and then their dog will receive an 
official certificate as well as a CGC title behind their dog's name. The best part of this is 
that all dogs are welcome, both purebred and mixed breeds. 

Please contact Good Dog Training Center to register for the test or just to find out more about this test or training your dog. Diane is not satisfied with the work on your pet until you are, and is available by phone to add assistance to any and all of her classwork, group or private. Her main concern is for the well-being of your pet. 

Diane Sullivan
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